What is Listening Post

Listening Post is a talking space. The simple act of talking is therapeutic. It is a walk-in space to talk about issues bothering you. LISTENING POST is free

A. Listening Post on Campus/In Office

SHB Social Foundation will work with the HR team in your organization or school/ college counsellors in your educational institution. Our Listening Champions will visit the campus/ office once a week at scheduled hours (on an agreed day) and be available to listen to your people. We can supplement these services with a quarterly report (while maintaining strict confidentiality) to you on the nature of issues raised so as to enable you to take remedial actions.

How we listen

Our volunteers speak a variety of tongues and we will ensure that your staff/ students are understood.While most issues will get resolved by your own HR team or your School/ college counsellor, there may be issues which may be outside the organisational purview that a Listening Post may help resolve. These may still be issues bothering your staff/ students that may affect performance. It is therefore to expand the compassionate space provided within the Office/ Campus environment.

Listening Post will work in the same way as it works for any individual who walks in. To know more about Listening Post, read here

B. Workshops available currently as half/one day workshops

We work with a team of professionals actively involved with mental health organisations and are active trainers and facilitators. The following workshops can be designed as per your needs:

  • Compassionate Listening
  • Stress Management
  • Non Violent Communication
  • Anger Management
  • Mindfulness
  • Work Life Balance

The program can be designed for corporate organisations for middle and senior management staff as well as specific workforces with special occupational pressures like sales staff, project staff, field staff etc.

C. Create your own Listening Post

For high schools, colleges and corporate organisations, we also offer hands-on training to increase Listening Competency within the institution. Year-long support on Peer Support Programs (PSP) to work in tandem with your own counsellors/ HR professionals.

We expect the Institution to select 15 to 20 students/peers to be trained as Listening Champions. Our team will hold workshops throughout the year in which these 15 to 20 selected students will be trained. The idea here is to create a community of students who themselves are capable of dealing with and supporting peers, who can then work alongside school/other authorities, escalating matters as and when required.

Workshops on Compassionate Listening, Mindfulness, Stress Management, Managing Anger and others will be integrated into the PSP.