All You Need To Know About Black Fungus, White fungus, and Yellow Fungus

With the increase in COVID-19 cases, India is also going through Black Fungus and White fungus caused by mucormycetes in the environment. From the past few weeks we are seeing significant rise in Black Fungus, four states have also declared it as pandemic. On Monday, UP declared the first case of Yellow Fungus.

Sysptoms of Fungus infections

Black fungus can affect the eye orbit, face, nose, and brain. It can lead to vision loss. It can also spread to the lungs.

White Fungus is reportedly more dangerous as it affects your lungs the most. It can become lethal and may impact vital organs like the brain, respiratory system, digestive tract.. Some of the symptoms are chest pain, cough and breathlessness. It can also cause pains, headaches, infections or swelling.

Unlike the two other infections, Yellow fungus infections could be much more dangerous as it affects the body’s internal organs. It starts internally, causing pus leakage, slow healing of wounds. In serious cases, it can also cause symptoms such as organ failure and acute necrosis. It can cause symptoms like fatigue, weight loss, red or sunken eyes, and poor metabolism. Patient gets to know about it in a week or less .

The mortality rate is as high as 50% to 91%.

Who’s at risk?

People who are on long use of steroids, and COVID-19 patients are at a higher risk of getting infected from Black fungal infection. Even prolonged ICU stay increases the risk as their immunity system is weak.

People who have weak immune systems, diabetics, people suffering from cancer and those on long steroids treatment are more at risk of catching White and Yellow fungus.

Although India has recorded over 9K fungal infection cases, doctors say that it is very rare for a healthy person to catch fungal infections.

How to prevent yourself from these fungus infections:

-Keep tight control on your diabetes.

-Stop excess use of steroids, and don’t take asteroids without consulting a doctor.

-Keep your environment clean, maintain proper hygiene.

-Eat fresh food, vegetables, and fruit ! Don’t eat food kept for a long time, it can be a home for fungus.

-Always wear a mark while going outside so that fungus can’t enter your body through dirt or soil.

-For COVID-19 patients, don’t use tap water in the Humidifier in the Oxygen concentrator. Keep changing it with clean water timely.

-Keep humidity in the home on check as excessive humidity promotes fungal growth. Also, don’t use steam on a daily basis as it increases humidity in your body and it can also cause burns.


Currently Black, White and Yellow fungal infections are treated with Amphotericin B injection.

Amphotericin B injection is an anti-fungal medicine that is the only known treatment therapy for fighting the infection. In severe cases surgery has to be done to remove the fungus. Some infections can be treated with anti-fungal medicines.

Black, White and Yellow fungus can’t be treated at Home. Visit the doctor as fast as you can once you notice any of the symptoms. You are at high risk of life. Take Care!

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