Coronavirus, Citizens and Dear Leaders

Hello folks, you all belong to a certain community, religion, caste, and some of you belong to none of them. We all are facing a pandemic, people known to us have lost their lives to coronavirus. Many of them died due to lack of information, ambulance facility, lack of hospital beds, lack of medical oxygen. We have seen people pleading on social media platforms for medicines, beds. Celebrities, actors, poets, and many NGOs are working hard to help people throughout the pandemic.

Why is this happening? Is it their responsibility to do so? Do the responsible people who you voted are doing their best?

If not why? Do they not need your votes? Of course, they do! Maybe they are pretty sure how to get votes. Let’s have a larger look at it and try to understand what your leaders think about:

Here are the promises on which you voted them:

BJP – Bhartiya Janta Party

BJP is known as the world’s biggest party or cadre-based party. They have cadre in each and every society. Their main promises and works in the past are:

-Ram Temple
– Making India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’
– Teen Talakh ban
– Beef ban
– Statue of liberty
– Revocation of article 370 in J&K
– Swachch Bharat
– PM Awas Yojna
– Ujjwala Yojana
– Ayushman Bharat Yojana

INC – Indian National Congress

Congress is India’s oldest party. Today it is limited to few states in the country. Their main promises and works in the past are:

– Farm loan waiver
– Free educations for girls
– Jobs for youth
– Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY)
– Universal healthcare
– Clean Ganga

AAP – Aam Admi Party

AAP is three time winning party in Delhi. Their main promises and works in the past are:

– Good Education
– Free or cheap transportation facilities
– Decrease air pollution
– Clean Yamuna
– Mohalla clinics
– Pucca houses for poor

How many promises have these parties completed? What is the ground reality of health care and education in most states? Do you as a citizen your leaders about your requirements and facilities? Do you know what are the real issues? How many people have died, did they all died because of coronavirus or there was a lack of oxygen and facilities?

If citizens are informed citizens, the nation will keep growing. When citizens have faith, they can easily be fooled in the name of religion, community, cast.

India’s future is in your Hands!
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