Coronavirus vaccination in India- Bitter truth

India is second most populated country in the world. Get the citizens vaccinated is a big task. It is the duty of citizens to get vaccinated and save others life. Vaccination is the only way to end this pandemic.

Where India is lacking in vaccination process?

Low production of Coronavirus vaccines


Whole vaccination is dependent on 2 companies. The formula of vaccines made in India should be shared with other domestic companies, in order to increase the vaccine production and save the lives of 150 crore people.

India is importing vaccines from Russia in order to deal shortage. Govt should take more steps to minimize the shortage.

Low infrastructure


There is a huge shortage of storage and transportation infrastructure in the country. There are a lot of incidents where vaccines didn’t reach on time due to lack of transformation facilities.

Coordination between governments

modi reviews meeting with cm

Centre govt is not sending adequate vaccines to the several states in India. The centre and state govt should coordinate in a better way to improve the process.

Misinformation about coronavirus vaccines

fake news

There is a lot of misinformation about vaccines. In many cases, the person has died within 2-3 days of vaccination. Besides neglecting the fact, govt should properly investigate such cases, and tell the truth to everyone. So that everyone will have faith in vaccines.


line for remdesvir

Booking the slot on the CoWin app takes centuries. Even after getting slots, people have to wait for 7-8 hours to get vaccinated. Vaccination sites are not following COVID-19 norms in various states. They can prove to be a great COVID-19 cluster if this keeps going.

Price of vaccines


Vaccine is the right of each and every person. It is the duty of governments to provide COVID-19 vaccines to all sections of the society. In the 2021 budget, centre govt allocated over rs 3,000 crore for COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccines should be provided free or at minimal price to all the persons.

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