Delhi Govt Hospital Revokes Order Barring Nurses from Talking in Malayalam

Delhi government’s GB Pant hospital issued a circular on Saturday asking its nursing staff not to use Malayalam at work. The circular said, “maximum patients and colleagues do not know this language” which causes a lot of inconvenience.

The circular issued by the Govind Ballabh Pant Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (GIPMER) asked its nurses to use only Hindi and English for communication or face “strict action”.

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G B Pant nurses’ association president Liladhar Ramchandani claims that the circular was “consequent of the patient’s complaint. Internally, there is no issue among the nurses and the administration”. He said “the union disagrees with the wordings used in the circular”.

“As a language’s name, Malayalam, has been inserted in the circular, many will take offence”, said Ramchandani.

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Many nurses across the nation hail from Kerala, Malayalam is their native language. The issue is not about single language. Suppose a Delhi nurse is working in Kerala. It is just like telling her to speak only Malayalam and English at the hospital. There are many people who don’t understand English, so the only option left is to speak ‘Malayalam’. The circular was unfair as it imposes some other language on a person. Hospital revoked the order following backlash from nurses union, people.

India is a diverse country and let it be!

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