Digital Minimalism

Digital Minimalism is not about not using your mobile devices, it is about using them in a fashion that you can have most from that. As this is digital minimalism, it is applicable for all the digital devices which we use for work or to get entertained, like mobile, laptops, etc.

How many apps are on your phones? How many of them do you really use? Same with computers. We all have so many files, folders, projects which we don’t use, or don’t need. But they are with us. The distracted environment only creates chaos and affects our work. This blog is about using Digital Minimalism to get rid of this problem.

What is Digital Minimalism?

So, as we can see that there are two words in the term, digital, and minimalism. Let’s start with Minimalism first. Minimalism is a lifestyle that teaches us to remove all the unnecessary things from our life so that we can focus on the things which really matter to us.

Minimalism is not lack of something. It’s simply is perfect amount of something.

Nicholas Burroughs

And digital here refers to all the digital mediums which we use nowadays to get ourselves entertained and maybe, for learning something or working on them.

So Digital Minimalism is a practice to get rid of distractions and help us to work more efficiently. And investing that time in finding or doing something more meaningful to do. Which gives us more joy, more fulfillment. Minimalism is all about knowing yourself, by creating space in our lives for the things we love.

Why do we need digital minimalism?

Do you know, how much time do you spend in your social media daily? It is around 2-3 hours. Doesn’t sound much we have 24 hours, correct? Let me ask you some simple questions: Tell me about your hobby? What is your dream? What are you watching on social media? Let’s include youtube, amazon prime. Netflix in this. Now tell me what are you watching on them? Do you search them by name, OR choose them by scrolling? Are they adding any values in you? Are you really happy using them? How do you feel about all these questions?


Do you see the problem with that? We are not mostly choosing to watch anything. We just got a notification and get distracted. Do you know recent studies have shown that social media addiction is way worse than smoking? And we all are so addicted to this, whenever we get any free time, the first thing we do is checking our phones.

This is a problem, I mean it is clear that this is not a healthy relationship. It is not giving us anything, not taking us closer to our dreams. It is simply wasting our time. And do you know the worst part? We don’t realize this and wasting a big part of our life without doing anything.

I request you all to ask these and be true to yourself while answering them. This will help you to realise the problem.


Now when we have addressed the problem, let’s see how digital minimalism can help us.

How to apply Digital Minimalism?

Now before applying the Digital Minimalistic approach, I would like to tell you all that changing lifestyle is not an easy step, so try to take baby steps by keeping in mind what your final goal is. This journey is exciting and challenging sometimes. But it is always fulfilling each day to see your progress.

Here are some steps which you can start:

  • Declutter: This means in a month, you have to clean your system, i.e. remove all the unused files, images, apps. and keep only those apps that you really need. By doing only this step, the change will be very much visible to you, as you will have sorted options to go to and this really feels nice. The fewer distractions help you to get back to your work faster.
  • Organize: The most underrated option in phones is having a folder. On mobiles/desktops, when you have only those things which are important. Try to create separate folders for different applications/files. And give the folder specific names, like office, videos, games, songs, etc. Marking a folder helps you to go to the required file easily. Also if you want you can create subfolders in the main folders.
  • Use-Less: Find the apps which you can use on both desktops and mobiles. Like you can use google keep for notes so that you can access them from anywhere anytime. You can also use cloud storage rather than saving things on your device. This will save your time and keep you more organized as you don’t need to change anything twice.
  • No-Notifications: Notifications are one of the biggest reasons for our distractions, try to remove all the notifications which are not useful. This will help you to work on the device without getting unrelated notifications. By this, you will end up spending more time on the things which you work on. And certainly, finish them early.


I am practicing digital minimalism for the past 4 months, and it is super productive to use, and mostly I do not get any distractions while working on a thing. When I am writing this blog, I only have all the tabs open which are helping me writing this blog only. I don’t have my phone with me. And it is fun.

Digital minimalism have helped many, and most certainly will help many without any doubt. Give it a try and you will also feel sorted, and more focused in your work, chatting, games. It is a complete package, but take care it is a process not a one time thing.

With that nore, I would like to thank you for reading this, and wish you all the best for the Digital Minimalism. If you like to read more about minimalism you can click here.

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