Fun Things to do in Weekends in Lockdown

I know it has become really boring in these lockdown times to find things to do in lockdown. The options which we think of are either watching a movie or a web series. But the problem with them is they end soon. It feels good before and while watching any film or series. But once it is over, again we feel the boring life, and being boring is no fun. So in this blog, I am going to suggest 5 things that you can do on the weekends in lockdown.

5. Re-discover the board games

Bored games are really fun, you can choose any game like Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Carom, Cards. These games bring joy to the house and they provide an easy time pass. You can spend hours playing these games.

Even if you are alone, all these games are available online also nowadays. Download the apps and play with your family and friends.

4. Connect with your old friends

In this lockdown, we all are now connected to our old friends of schools and colleges. If not, you should try to connect with them. You can arrange a group video call and talk with them about the old times. It is always refreshing to talk to old friends and discussing the time you have spent with them. You will even get more news about the past than you thought, who knows!

3. Cooking

Believe it or not, cooking food is one of the best time passes which can come with an amazing reward. There is something about cooking which gives a sense of success after cooking food. You can check out youtube, and find any of your favorite dishes. You can even select something new to cook. This will easily pass your time and the best part is at the end, you will have food on your table.

2. Read Novel

If you are a reader, you know what I mean. If you are not, you need to start reading novels. There are a lot of books in the world which you will love. You can pick a book according to the genre of movies you like. And a good book can easily end your weekend in no time. The most important step is picking the book. You can check on youtube and can also check the reviews about the books, this can help you in selecting the book. Once you select the book you can order that from any site like amazon, or can also read the ebook online.

If you ask me, you all should read Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. It is a treat.

1. Bring back your hobby

In your childhood, you always wanted to learn something, it can be singing, playing music, dancing, gardening, or anything. The interesting thing is you can do it now. You don’t need a lot in that, bring your mobile and start that. Find your mood, and start doing that. Always remember we all have many personalities in us, so don’t restrict yourself to your job. Explore new skills and learn them, it is pleasurable.

You are not rewarded by weekend, you have owned it. Rule it like a king/queen and make it more about you.

I wish you a happy weekend!
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