Government Data on Coronavirus

Data are units of information, often numeric, that are collected through observation.

I think the definition should change with time so as per the govt of India:
“Data are not facts, they are numbers which can be moderated in accordance to the need of their image building.”

Coronavirus Deaths


According to govt of India, “Coronavirus deaths are only those deaths which happen inside hospital excluding deaths of hospital staff at low level. Deaths at small villages, cities due to lack of oxygen or COVID-19 will not be taken into data.”

Experts says that COVID-19 deaths are actually 5-7 times than reported. It brings us to 28,000 or more deaths per day. According to ScoopWhoop, over 700 teachers died from COVID-19 complications after 2-3 days of UP Panchayat polls. Government data doesn’t include these deaths.

Coronavirus Cases

covid cases
Haryana, March 12 (ANI): A health worker collects a swab sample for the COVID-19 RT-PCR test at Civil Hospital, in Gurugram on Friday. (ANI Photo)

As per the govt of India, “COVID-19 cases are proportionately opposite to the election or any religious event in the state.

Low level of testing and lack of testing infrastructure at various places in India is a big reason for decreasing cases in the states. People have to wait for 2-3 days to get COVID-19 test.

RT-PCR tests are not liable as there are many cases in which the report says person is COVID-19 negative but when the person gets antigen tests the report shows positive result. There are many state governments which are counting RT-PCR tests for about 50% in their daily COVID-19 cases. Some people received messages congratulating them for receiving 2nd dose of vaccines even when they have not received 2nd dose.
Some reports says that actual daily COVID-19 cases are 10-12 times than reported. It brings us to 30 lakh COVID-19 cases per day.

COVID-19 vaccination data says India has administered over 18 crore vaccines. In several states over 4.8 million of COVID-19 vaccines got wasted.

Front-line warriors

frontline workers

Doctors, nurses and hospital staff are doing a great job and saving lives of millions in the time of pandemic. Many of them lost their life due to COVID-19 while treating patients. Government stopped showing data related to their death 9-10 months ago. Recently, IMA said that over 1,000 doctors have lost their life due to COVID-19. Government didn’t reveal any data on nurses and hospital staff. Most of them are not provided basic safety kit like PPE kit, gloves, sanitizers.

Medical oxygen

oxygen cylinders

India is facing acute shortage of medical oxygen. Most of deaths are happening due to lack of oxygen availability on time. Supreme court has allocated oxygen for states but centre government has failed to provide them allotted quota. The allocation of oxygen cylinder received by the states are only limited to cities and some towns. Most villages are not getting oxygen cylinders.

Coronavirus infrastructure

covid infrastructure

There are many equipment like ventilators, ICU beds, and ambulance which are included in government data, but are not operational. Around 50% of ventilators bought by PM Cares fund (donations by citizen) are not operational or have technical problems from the day of purchase. Government didn’t maintain or repair these ventilators until now.
Over 30 ambulance reportedly bought by MP fund in Bihar are not operational at this time. They could be really helpful to save thousands of lives.

The condition of medical system in India is “Ram bharose.”

Think about your actual needs and demands next time before voting your leaders.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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