History of Minimalism

Nowadays more and more people around the world are trying to live by the terms defined in Minimalism. It is spreading up as a culture in 2021. While reading about this, I really wanted to know that how it all started? Who started it? And why is this booming now?

To find the answer to these questions, I did some research and found out the origin of minimalism. This blog is about that.

What is Minimalism?

Before jumping to the story, it is better to know it a little. Minimalism is a fascinating lifestyle, which has been the talk of the town nowadays. Everyone who is practicing this seems pretty positive about it. This lifestyle teaches us to keep only those things that are required and discard all the other stuff. This means, removing all the extra stuff, and making a place for only those stuff that really matters to us.

I am a minimalist, I like saying the most with the least.

Bob Newhart

This is done as a lifestyle so that our thinking can also become like this, in which we can work on only those ideas, thoughts which really matter to us, and able to ignore the non-important thoughts. Removing extra items and thoughts helps us to focus more on ourselves and our priorities. And hence, that surely can lead to a better, happy, and more fulfilling life. Now lets, dig a little deeper and find out how and when it started.

Minimalism: The Origin

The term minimalism is at boom nowadays, but the evidence of practicing minimalism is far beyond what we imagine. If we talk only about India, there were always those kinds of people who left the luxury of life and choose to live a simple life exploring its true meaning. We call them “sadhu”. The whole idea of being a sadhu is the same as practicing a minimalistic lifestyle. Examples are found in Buddhism and Christianity also. If we see Nuns and Buddhists, they all live a simple lifestyle and only have the stuff which they need. This is exactly like practicing minimalism.

So it is clear from these examples that the concept of minimalism exists way earlier than we think.

The term “Minimalist”, got popular around 1950-1960. At that time, minimalism was not considered as a lifestyle, but a form of music and art.

Minimalistic Music

Terry Riley was one of the first music composers whose minimalistic musical compositions were celebrated on a huge level. These kind of music are more simple but complex which take the audience to another level of thinking. This feels like a Jazz and Instrumental kind of music. The specialty of this kind of music is each instrument used in them contains a special place in the performance. I personally like this kind of music from the very childhood. There is some strange calm in them that one can listen to them for hours. Fun fact: I am writing this post listening to this masterpiece on loop. Please give it a try and see the comment below on how do you like it.

komaromykornel (Youtube Channel)

Minimalastic Art

Now seeing on the art side, the main focus of minimalistic art is to keep that clean and as simple as possible. The art form also represents simplicity and at the same time, complexity. Then also it feels comfortable to many including me also I guess. The main focus of creating such an art form is showing the beauty using simple shapes.

The Recession (2008)

It was the period when the business and industry of a country were not successful. A lot of people were loosing there jobs, and struggling to live. Also, it was the time when people start realising that to live happily they dont need to have a lot, they only need to have as much as needed. And they thought of spreading it as a lifestyle as they found it most fullfiling. The lifestyle not only challanges the way world works, but also shows another calm and sorted way of living.

A book was published in 2009, named “minimalism” by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. They call themselves “The Minimalists“. After this book arrives, more people started to understand this way of living and liking it. From that time this lifestyle is been talked about and followed by many peoples across the globe.

Current Time

If we talk about the current time, there are many youtubers and bloggers who are living this lifestyle and trying to promote this lifestyle through there channels. In India also people have started recognizing this lifestyle, and trying to live by that. As there are no hard rules in living as a Minimalist, this may be possible that two people practice minimalism differently. But the key is same, that is to have only the important stuff and focus on that.


This is all the information, that I could get for this blog post. Clearly, minimalism is a vast topic that cannot be covered in one blog. For that, I am trying to create series of blogs related to minimalistic lifestyle so that we can understand this in a better way. In my view, minimalism is still not implemented in our consumeristic society, as it challenges its ways directly. We can live in less and yet be happy, if we all starting to think like this, who will purchase useless yet luxury items. 🙂 So, in conclusion, I would like to say that I personally really like this concept of living as a minimalist. If you also feel like adopting the same, you can read about it here.

Share the post with your near, and dear and discuss minimalism with them. Meanwhile, let me know your views about minimalism and this blog post in the comments. Also, let me know what should be the next blog about in the comment section. You can also follow us on Instagram to stay connected.

Thanks for reading this blog, see you on the next blog!

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