Is Minimalism Just a Trend?

As you all know I am trying to understand minimalism nowadays, and for that, I am trying to process as many articles, videos, books, which I can find. With saying that I came to a question, which asks that ‘Is Minimalism Just a Trend?’. In this post, we are going to deal with this question.

I feel like there is certain negativity in Trend word. The word give a sense that the thing which is trending now, will not last forever. If we see through this prospective in minimalism. The first step is minimalism is to declutter, which means removing all the unused and unimportant things from your home, which is a big step itself. And after doing this, if we get to know that minimalism is just a trend, which can end anytime. This puts an uncertainity whether we should do this or not. As it added a possibility that there may be a chance that we need to buy the things again, after getting rid with them. And that is foolish.

Also we all see trends around us, they keeps changing every year, every month. And if we end up choosing every trend, our home will become a place of out of fashion things, which is simply waste. Noone wants wastage. No one want to just spend, we all wants to invest.

And if the question is changing our whole lifestyle, this question becomes bigger.

What is Trend?

In simple words, we can say the trend is the latest fashion! The things which are at boom now, but the future is uncertain. We can say that if a large number of people start doing something, it becomes a trend, remember KIKI Challange, Ice Bucket Challenge, all of them were trends. Like our clothes, hairstyles, remix music (I don’t like remix personally). Trends can be expensive too. Let’s dig a little deeper and understand the trend.

Why trends are bad?

Many of us follow the trend, just because others are doing so. Many of the times, we feel like having something trendy, knowing that the trend may change. It is a kind of a foolish act, isn’t it? In this sense, if we say the trend is materialistic which we follow to impress others. To let them know that “I am also trendy”.

If we think about these things, no one feels good about getting struck in trends and waste their money, energy on it. So if we think like this, trends doesn’t seems good isn’t it?

Why trends are good?

If we talk about other definitions of trend is says:

A general direction in which things are changing or developing.

If we think about this, everything we are today is because in the past, people understand some concept and started implementing in their culture, societies, and in their life. If we say this, that means every classic was once a trend that was accepted and implemented widely.

Trends sets the way which may affect the future generations. If more and more people are following something, there is a possibility that they are getting something more meaningful while following that.

For example, yoga was a trend, which spread worldwide. The roots of yoga are in India, now we all proudly say that we gave yoga to the world. But back then it was also just a trend.


If we combine these two arguments, then we can say that, although many of the trends may come and go. But the important thing is are we getting something from that trend which is improving us, or we are just following trends to fit in the society. It is true that there is a long history of minimalism, but it is on-trend nowadays only. We have all came to know about this from the past 5-10 years, only. This adds a possibility about minimalism being a trend for in current time.

But the main question is whether following minimalism helps us to lead a better life, or not? If you feel minimalism is giving you a better life, then it doesn’t matter if it is a trend or not. And if you feel that it is not adding any values in your life, then without any worry you can choose any other lifestyle.

This is all I want to say about the topic. Hope you have liked my views. If you want to add anything please comment below. Also, we have a lot of exciting blogs about minimalism, you can read them to know more about minimalism by clicking here.

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