Nurses- The Unsung Heroes of Coronavirus

The world is batting with the coronavirus. Medical staff, doctors, nurses and other frontline workers are pushing their limits to control the situation and save lives of people. Let’s take a moment to appreciate their efforts and try to understand what they are going through.

Here are some inspiring stories of frontline workers of Coronavirus:

Viveki Kapoor

viveki kapoor

Delhi nurse who manages home and work alone even when her husband who is also a doctor tested positive for COVID-19. She has been the nurse in-charge at the ICU of the coronavirus ward in a private Delhi hospital and supervise the work of 25 nurses in the hospital.

Talking about the COVID-19 situation she said:

“Nursing is described as the noblest profession in the world and we are called ‘sister’ for a reason. Our patients think of us as family. Whenever a new patient is admitted to hospital, a nurse is the first person they meet and they form a special bond with us. The patients who are coming in infected with coronavirus are very afraid, so we try and motivate them.”

Girja Sharma

girja sharma

She works at Chief Nursing Office at the Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh. She never skipped hospital duty for even a single day amid COVID-19 crisis.

Girja says,

“Almost 500 nurses report to me at this point; if I sit at home, what would be their motivation level?”

“There are many young nurses, those who are working with infected patients closely, who are scared indeed. But it is my responsibility to take care of them during that time. I try to keep my team motivated; check their nutritional and hydration levels, make sure they take all the required precautions, and keep them updated with all informaton. When I am on duty, I visit all sections of the hospital and keep talking to my colleagues and boosting their spirits.”

Ms. Archana Rana

archana rana

Archana Rana, Senior Nursing Officer, AIIMS New Delhi. Delhi nurse who volunteered to work in a COVID-19 designated trauma center.

Talking to WHO news she said:

I follow all the cautions – hand-hygiene, physical distancing and respiratory etiquettes. I chose to be a ‘Corona Warrior’ to fight COVID-19. Mental strength is very important during the period. It’s been a month that I am away from my family and unable to take care of my kids. But duty is my priority in this time of adversity”


Comforting patients and keep them calm is really important for the recovery of COVID-19 patients. Nurses in Brazil came with innovative idea of emulating human touch to comfort COVID-19 patients.

Amy Lynn

An endoscopy nurse at The Ottawa Hospital, who has been deployed to the ICU. Ottawa nurse sings for patient to cheer them up. “You are not alone”.


Doctors and nurses of a private hospital in Vadodara dance to cheer up COVID-19 patients.

These stories really prove the quote: “Nursing is a work of Heart”

The medical staff, doctors and nurses are doing their best to save lives of COVID-19 patients. Help them by following COVID-19 guidelines and maintaining hygiene.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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