People’s Faith and Coronavirus in India

India consists of  thousands of cultures, religions, cast, creed. One thing that is common in all, is faith. We are going through second wave of pandemic. Reports say that the cases are declining but the actual death counts in rural and urban areas reflect some other story. Let’s see, what people are doing to prevent themselves from coronavirus in India:

Juhi Sukhlapur Village

– Few days ago, the locals of Juhi Sukhalpur, a village in Pratapgarh built a temple of ‘Corona Mata.’ The villagers had faith that ‘Corona Mata’ will protect them and surrounding villages from the shadow of COVID-19. Hundreds of people started visiting the temple in just three days. Police demolished the temple in order to discourage superstition. IG KP Singh says police is trying to make rural people aware about coronavirus, and no religion has cure of it.

Chatukheda Village

– A large number of people gathered flouting COVID-19 norms in an MP’s Chatukheda village. Most of them were not wearing marks and there was no social distancing. They believed that a woman was under control of ‘Pari Mata’. The water offered by woman would keep them away from coronavirus. Police have filed a case in the matter and a probe is going on.


– Some people in Ahemdabad started visiting a Swaminarayan school (SGVP). They started applying cow dung, urine on the body believing it could prevent them from coronavirus. Later, they washed it with cow milk. Scientists from around the world started warning about it. They said cow dung can cause infections and black fungus too.


– In Chamarajanagar, some tribal people are sacrificing sheep and roosters to appease ‘Maramma’ goddess. Some also mix animal blood with rice and sprinkle it in the village, believing Maramma will end the pandemic soon. 


– In Mysuru village, many locals are performing Corona Amma puja. Women are tying neem leaves to the cactus plant believing that it would end the pandemic soon.

– People in several cities, villages from different communities are organizing hawans, and prayers in mosques and churches to end the pandemic.  

These events clearly show that there is a flood of misinformation in the rural area about coronavirus in India. Our governments and citizens are failing to share scientific temperament in society. Primary health infrastructure is very weak in India and it needs to be strengthened. Some villages are doing a great job in fighting coronavirus and others should also learn from them. 

In India,‘Corona Mata,’ mentality and faith of our citizens in superstitions is more dangerous than coronavirus in India.

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