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I am going to start a new job from today, and surely that will change some things. I need to change my plan and be more productive with my time. Time management is something which we all are struggling with since our childhood. In school time, I used to create very detailed timetables in which I used to assign time to sleep, playing, doing homework, and learning. I can’t guarantee much but I followed the sleeping time and playing time by heart. 🙂 The problem I faced, is that I was never able to follow any timetable for more than two days. And not able to follow the timetable created by you only, is the most guilty feeling in the world. It’s like breaking a promise, with yourself.

With growing time, things have changed a little, but this time management is still a big challenging task for me. I tried to find out some ways by which I am trying to manage my time well currently. So here are some steps which you can also follow to get the most of your time as well.

1. What do you want to do today?

In this step, just write down the things which you need/want to do today. There is a difference between need and want. Need means that is required, and want means something which you aspire. Try to write the things in these two categories. And there is a simple rule also. You can only write 2 things in each. So after writing, we have 2 things/tasks which we need to do today. And another 2 tasks which we want to do today.

2. How to manage time?

Once you are clear with the 4 tasks, doing them becomes much easier. Before creating time table and dividing the time, have a look at the tasks and prioritize them. Also, try to calculate how long can the task take individually. While calculating the tasks, keep in mind that you may need to do some occasional work at home also.

For most of us, completing all 4 tasks in the day is possible, this may be true to your list too. You just need to pick tasks that are possible to do today. If there is some task that can take more than one day, try breaking that task into child tasks and pick child tasks for today. By this, eventually, the tasks will be completed easily.

3. Create Time

Up to this step, we have well-defined 4 tasks, we know their priorities, along with some idea of how much time can each of them may take. Keep in mind that we need to complete all 4 tasks today itself. And for that, we need to identify the time slots where we don’t usually do anything. Believe me, it is a lot of time. When you are on phone, checking stories. Laying lazy for no reason. Watching movies, or web series. Or the worse, watching youtube. It is strange but the algorithm in all these platforms just knows how to engage you in them.

On average, we spend around 4-5 hours doing nothing. But now, you have the well-defined list. And you have all the resources to start on them without wasting time to figure out the how.

When you have the exam the next day, you don’t search ‘how to study’, you just search the topics and revise them one after another. Here also we need to do the same thing, we are already clear about our 4 tasks of the day. Now just start doing them priority-wise. Pick the work in order of priority and start doing them.

4. The Execution

The most important part of any plan, program, or mission is its execution part. You can easily do this planning in under 10-20 minutes, we all usually know what we need/want to do. We either struck in the final result or the fear of not getting the final result. Remember you have picked 2 things which you need and 2 things which you want. You can change the number of tasks according to your 24 hours, but the important thing is you have chosen them. And you are going to finish them today.

The processing of every human is different, only you know how you function. So choose your time, and complete those 4 tasks today. Do not fall into the trap of finding any way to do things online. Their knowledge is based on their experience and most of them are a complete waste. Just follow your instinct and work.

Keep reminding yourself about the 4 tasks and that you need to complete them today only. You will find a way yourself.

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Thank you for reading! Will see you on the next blog.

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