PM Modi cries and people respond

Recently PM Narendra Modi chocked while addressing the video conference with front-line workers.

Although few channels and leaders forecast it a week ago. Some people also said it on social media, and PM Modi never let people down.

While the PM chocked up, his followers started waiting for the tears to drop, people started reacting to it in social media.

Was coronavirus not increasing when PM Modi said, “Didi…oo didi” in front of a huge crowd in Bengal? Was it not PM Modi’s responsibility to develop health infrastructure after 1st wave of COVID-19? Are deaths only happening due to COVID-19 or the lack of oxygen, not getting testing facility and ambulance are big reason for their death?

Moving on, lets see how people reacted to MP Narendra Modi’s chocking:

After the video went viral, #Nautanki and #Crocodiletears started trending.

Just saying!

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