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I have always wanted to be able to purchase everything, like cool cars, luxury bikes, a big house, actually not one, more than one house, one in every country. So that, I can switch according to my mood without worrying about anything. A few days back when I was discussing this with my brother, he introduced me to the concept of Minimalism, which says we should live with only those things which are required and leave all these desires behind.

My initial thought to this was why would anyone want to do that, doesn’t everyone should be rich? Why are we all working so hard then? How can be we become free if we leave these desires? Do leaving things mean living a poor life? How our society will accept this poor lifestyle of living. Leave society, how anyone can achieve this level where they do not want anything? To find answers to these questions, I dig deeper to learn how Minimalism works and this blog is all about that. So let’s begin.

What is minimalism?

For a long period of time humans always want to know what is most important to them. According to minimalism, there are three things that are most important – happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. Minimalism states that one should get rid of life’s excess, and live in the least things, but important is that each thing should add some value to your life. It doesn’t mean living poor or anything, it means having only those tools which we need, not desire.

Reduce the complexity of life by eliminating the needless wants of life, And the labour of life reduces themselves.

Edvin Way Teale

In today’s world, we are surrounded by a lot of ads of including the things which we don’t want. Minimalism is rejecting those things and realizing what do we need actually. Our society always praises the one who has more things, minimalism is about rejecting that thought. In a way, it challenges the human intellect to think above all this. It pushes you to find the higher meaning of life, and defining your own rules, and live by them. It is about having minimum or no distractions in our life. It is about figuring out what is important and do that thing. By using this we can save time, money, energy, emotions, so basically everything, as these are the only thing which we have.

How to implement minimalism in our life?

As we have understood about minimalism as a lifestyle. We should know that the ones that follow this lifestyle are termed, minimalist.

Before getting into the steps we need to take care that changing lifestyle is not an easy task. So first of all, take it easy, changing lifestyle is an easy process.

There are many minimalists who follow minimalism on their own terms. Here here are some common points which you can follow in order to implement minimalism in your life as a beginner:

  • Clean your house, cleaning here doesn’t mean removing the dust, it is about removing the unused items from your house. You can pick us one area at once, and try to start from there. E.g. choose your working desk, and search all its drawers and figure out the things which you really need and get rid of all the extra stuff. Cleaning your house this way creates a lot of empty space in your house, and that reflects, eventually in your mind.
  • Before buying any new item, ask a simple question, do we really need it? If the answer is no, then you know as a minimalist what should you do. If the answer is yes, then ask that what value this particular thing will add to your life, if you find a relevant answer to this, then only you should purchase that item.
  • Start thinking in the same way, try to figure out what are you thinking, and choose if that thought is important to worry about or not, if not then try to be calm about it and in the same manner manage your thoughts too.

When can you begin minimalism?

You can begin anytime, in this I believe we all have stuff in our home, room, pg, that we do not need, they can be our cloaths, shoes, and can be anything which we can buy.

Getting rid of things is not an easy process, I believe there are two reasons for this, 1st is we think we need that, it is hard to choose things to give up. The second reason is you need to figure out where can you give those items to? There can be some items that can be recycled, there can be the stuff that can be donated, and so on. Giving away doesn’t mean throwing away, I mean one can do that, but it will be more useful if something can come out of our waste.

Minimalism does not say that you cannot purchase stuff, and now as your home is finally looking a little empty. You can always purchase the stuff that is important to you. But before purchasing remember the implementation part, or else there is a chance to get new non-important stuff back to the home that you have just donated. 🙂



When I started this blog about minimalism, there were so many misconceptions about it in my head and maybe in yours too. But by the end of this, I can say that I really liked the concept of minimalism. Instead of having useless things it would be nice to have only those things which matter. This happens a lot of times that we keep purchasing things and keep regretting later.

Following minimalism can really help in that. And best of all this process is more of a mental exercise than a physical one. Many minimalists around the globe are more sorted than many of us. So I really recommend you too to try minimalism and get full benefits of it.

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Thank you for reading this!

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