The Baby Elephant Syndrome | The invisible chain

In circuses, baby elephants are tied with strong chains, so that they cannot escape from the circus or create chaos. The baby elephants try multiple times to get rid of the chains. But they fail each time. The chains are so strong, that they rarely move their tied leg even after using all the force. But they keep trying, they pull it as hard as they can. Sometimes they even try to roll on the ground, uses all three free legs, also their trunk, their full body. But even after trying and failing multiple times, they receive nothing but failure.

They don’t refuse, they keep trying the tricks to escape from that chain. They pull their leg so much that they hurt themselves many times. Sometimes the wound is small. Sometimes the wound is so major, that they could not even walk for few days. When they see their big elephants, the big elephant’s legs are also tied, but they don’t try to escape, they don’t move an inch from their assigned locations.

The circus master also belts the baby elephants for their rebellious behavior. Many times, they get beaten by sticks, sometimes even by belts. But after suffering from this all. The baby elephant keeps trying.

But the day arrives after feeling so much humiliation, pain, sadness, defeat, helplessness. They realize that the world is designed a certain way and they are designed to be treated like this. To have their leg tied all the time after the show. They realize that there is no escape from the situation. After watching masters behaving nicely to the trained elephants, and belting them. They give up on the born right of their freedom. On that very day, they give up from all the trying. Yes, they surrender.

Even after growing up, they do not try to escape from their chains. They remember all the suffering they had in the past and decide to not go through that experience again. They accept their life as it is.
A grown elephant, who weighs around 15,000 pounds (6,800 kilograms), is tied with only a single rope. The elephant can break it by taking a simple step. But now they don’t give it a try. You know what the worst part is. Now when they see baby elephants trying to break the chain and escape, they don’t help them. They wait till the baby elephants understand the ways of life and surrender to it.

This is not a funny story, I am sorry if you are feeling sad. Do you know what I am feeling? Anger. I am angry with the circus community. I am angry with all the trainers, I am angry about humanity. This phycology of not trying due to any prior experience, suffering, or any other incident is known as The Baby Elephant Syndrome.

Many of us are also tied to this kind of invisible rope. Remove them and you will feel free. I know it is not easy. I know you have tried and failed, maybe many times. Please try once more, don’t give up. I believe in you, just give it one more try!

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