The New Man

Once upon a time, there was a wise man in the city. He was known for his presence of his wisdom. He has a major role in developing the city. There was one simple rule which he used to follow all the time. Before entering the city every new man has to go to him once and then he decides whether he can stay in the city or not.

Once a man came there, he was a good-looking man, he had a shiny car and wore a lot of gold around in neck and hands. He saw the wise man and touched his feet. “Why do you want to live here?”, asked the wise man. “The people are nice here and as this is a developing city, I think I can help the city developing at a faster pace.”, answered the man. The wise man nodded after listening to this, he asked “How were the people in the town where you came from?”. He answered, “They all were rich, all have a lot of wealth, despite having all this, they were nasty and greedy, they were angry and lived for cheating and stealing. I hope the people are nice here.”. The wise man answered, “No they are the same here, and you should find some other place to be in, you will find exactly the same kind of people here as well.”. After listening to this, the man thanked the wise man, to be honest with him, and left the city.


After some months one more man arrived in the city, he was not looking that nice, doesn’t even have any vehicle. The clothes were also average. The wise man asked him the same question, “How were the people in the town where you came from?”. To which he replied, “They were sweet and lived in harmony, they cared for one another, and for the land, they respect each other.”. He asked, “How are the people here?”. After listening to this the wise man replied with a smile, “The people are the same here” and welcomed him in the village. All the members of the city were happy to have the newcomer and the reverse was also true.

The world is a reflection of how people are, if you try to find happiness, you will find it. If you want to find sadness, guess what, you will find that either. The question here is not about you, the question is how you see the world. If you see there is no hope, the possibilities are you have lost hope. If you see the world as a better place, you are the one who makes it better. The world is just a reflection of you.

The wise man always knew this and that’s why the first man was sent back and the second one was accepted in the village. In our daily life, we also meet new people, and many times we end up being sad about them or being hurt by them. If they are already in your life, we should create the boundaries and work accordingly. You can know if they are right for you or not by asking a simple question, “How were the people in the town where you came from?”.

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