TMC V/S BJP: What exactly happened?

West Bengal elections have become a sizzling topic over the internet and the news channels but not for the results people were expecting, it is taking all over the arena because of what BJP did not even imagine to happen.

Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee went on to gain a hat-trick and for the third time announce a full majority government. Let us try to understand what actually happened:

The TMC hat-trick

Now, you must be thinking that like any elections, this was just a result announced after the people of West Bengal voted for a government they wanted to have.

213 seats did not only ensure the highest victory of TMC but also proved the fact that it is not necessary to establish big faces or big names. Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee single handedly defeated the fates of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. Throughout the elections, Trinamool Congress only kept their focus in motivating the Bengal crowd to stick to their Bengali blood and religion and to always remember that only a Bengali person will know and understand what their state, West Bengal wants, not an outsider.

What happened to BJP power?

While doing their rallies as well as road shows, BJP campaigning ministers left no stones unturned and before the elections no one even imagined that the central ruling government will not be able to touch a triple figure number. However, the better perspective to see this can be that now BJP is the independent opposition party and the 77 seats have given a ray of hope for them to fight back even strongly in the next assembly elections. BJP could have tried reaching out to the locals in a more personal or in a way where they could connect to them instead of thinking of them as outsiders.


Well, TMC will be celebrating their hat-trick for a good 5 years and meanwhile BJP can analyze and work on the miss outs to cover up the margin and try a fresh start in the next elections.

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