Violence Against Doctors in India

Doctors, healthcare workers, cleaners, police, and other forces are front-line workers who are fighting hard to save us from coronavirus. A few months ago, people beat utensils to appreciate their work. But on June 1, a video went viral in which some people were beating a doctor in Assam. Such violence against doctors made people angry around the nation.

The doctor is posted in a rural area. The violence broke out after the doctor treating a patient died of COVID-19. The family of the patient came and started beating the doctor. The doctor suffered serious injuries. Assam govt has ordered to take serious action against assaulters.

There are only 2 professions doing their work in the pandemic, doctors, and media. Only one of them, doctors, are doing good work. It was not the first case of violence against doctors. Hundreds of cases of violence against doctors are reported every year. Many times doctors suffer major injuries.

violence against doctors

Why violence against doctors takes place?

  • Lack of trust: There is a lack of trust between patients and doctors because less information is shared between them because doctors think most of the patients lack knowledge. Also, they can’t give patients a lot of attention because of the huge number of patients.
  • Lack of medical facilities: There is a huge lack of medical facilities, equipment at many hospitals in India. People don’t get treatment on time which leads to loss of life. Citizens blame doctors for this.
  • Lack of medicines: After waiting for hours in the queue, patients are told that there are no medicines in the hospitals. They are given some alternative medicines or no medicines. Sometimes patients face some problems due to the side effects of other medicines.
  • Long waiting lines: Patients wait in huge lines in hospitals. First, they queue up to get appointments, then they queue up to get tested, then they queue up to get medicine. In some states, it takes 5-6 hours for a patient to finish this process. This is all because of the low number of hospitals.

None of this is the responsibility of doctors. India spends less than 2% of GDP on healthcare. It is the responsibility of governments to ensure good health infrastructure. There is a huge shortage of doctors. On an average, for 11,000 people there is only one doctor in India. Doctors work under huge pressure, sometimes have work overtime for 48 hours. They work for over 100 hours in a week, the recommended working hours for doctors is 48 hours a week. They are not provided with sufficient medical equipment, working environment but they give their best to save the lives of patients.

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