Welcoming COVID-19 3rd wave: The Ir-responsible Indians

India is unlocking after the deadly 2nd wave of COVID-19. We saw people desperately asking for oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, and ambulances. Almost everyone lost someone known to them. People not only died because of coronavirus but one of the major reasons was the government’s failure. Now the cases are dropping and things are improving, states are easing the restrictions across the country.

Let’s see how we are reacting to unlock:

  • A video from Uttarakhand has gone viral. Many tourists from India are enjoying summer under the famous Kempty Falls in Mussoorie. COVID-19 safety norms were flouted, no one was seen wearing a mask and there was no social distancing. Most of them are shirtless, enjoying a dip in the falls.
  • Recently, a kid was seen on the streets of Dharmshala, asking people to wear mask. The video went viral, most of them were not wearing masks. If this is how adults are supposed to act then where are we heading as nation?

The kid has now become a Mascot with local police.

  • Thousands of devotees were seen at Hapur’s Brajghat, Uttar Pradesh. The people come for a dip in the river on the religious festival Ganga Dussehra, flouting all coronavirus safety norms.
  • Hundreds of tourists visit Manali town in Kullu district as Himachal Pradesh government eases COVID restrictions. The tourists were seen flouting coronavirus norms.

We are supposed to be more informed, responsible. What are we waiting for? The death of our closest ones? I know we humans have a habit of forgetting everything, but If those deaths did not bother you then what will? Do you still believe your governments can save you when 3rd wave will arrive? The vaccines are not 100% effective, hope you guys know that! There are some studies that say that 20,000 years ago human species died because of the same virus. I do not assure those theories, but looking at our lifestyle and our behavior I believe we can make it possible.

Be a responsible citizen and follow COVID-19 norms, or die alone and see 4 unknown people doing your last rites. Cause even your families will not come to say the last goodbye. And this is not a theory, we have seen in the 2nd wave only.

Be safe!

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