What is LGBTQIA+?

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For a long period of time, males and females are considered as the two main genders only. So anyone who is not male or female, means transgender, was abused, ignored, humiliated, and made to suffer. Wait there is more to this, this is a society’s so-called rule that says that a boy can only love a girl and vice versa. That means if you are a male then you should be attracted to only girls. And the same for girls. Society calls it nature’s law. In reality, there is way more syllabus to this.

Let’s try to understand it by discussing sex, gender, and orientation. Let’s see what we can change and what we cannot change?

What is Sex?

Sex is the physiology we are born with. This is what we have studied in our schools. The Chromosome Game. If you are born with XX pair, then you are a female. And if you are born with XY pair, you are a male. Many other characteristics may vary according to this, like your hair growth, genitals, hip structure, and voice density.

Although it is not that simple, the primary pair of Chromosomes are not enough to determine our entire biology. There is a possibility that people with XY (male) chromosome, exhibit female characteristics. And vice versa can also be true, a female can also exhibit more male characteristics. This category is called Intersex. Intersects do not fit in the typical male or female category.

What is Gender?

You must have heard the terms: masculine and feminine. Society has created roles for people in which a man should be masculine, and women should be feminine characters. All the stereotypes come under this. Man can do that, women can do this. Blue for boys, Pink for girls. The girl plays with dolls, boys fight. Most of us do fit in the category, BUT there are many of us who don’t get along with this. We call them Transgender. Transgender is the person who exhibits different gender to their sex. That can be both, a girl, with masculine characteristics, or a boy with feminine characteristics. Another one is There are those people also who don’t feel to fit it one gender title as man or women, these are Non-Binary or Genderqueer people.

So up to now, the sex-gender combinations are, male and masculine, male and feminine, male and both masculine and feminine, female and feminine, female and masculine, female and both masculine and feminine, also intersect and masculine, intersect and feminine, intersect and both masculine and feminine.

NOTE: There can be more combinations also.

What is Orientation?

Orientation is about who we like. Orientation is the Sex and Gender combinations that we are attracted to. Most people are heterosexual, which means, they are attracted to a person of the opposite sex. Homosexuals are those who are attracted to people of the same sex. There are Bisexual people, they get attracted by people of both the sex. To some, it is only the feel of masculine and feminine energies, irrespective of their sex. Pansexual people are the ones for which sex and gender don’t matter, they can get attracted by any sex-gender combination. There can be one who doesn’t get attracted to any of the combinations, they are known as Asexual.

Now the combination will be created between sex-gender-orientation. Quite intense, ha? But guess what! This is also not all, there are way more combinations than this. But for now, we are ready for the information ahead. It is important to understand by now that all these combinations are normal, even if you don’t think likewise. It is normal.

What is LGBTQIA+?

Many of you have heard about them, it is the acronym for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Intersex Asexual.

Lesbians are female they are oriented towards other females.
Males who are oriented towards other males are known as Gay.
Bisexuals are the ones who are oriented towards people of both sexes.
Transgenders are the ones whose sex and gender don’t match. E.g. a male who sees himself as female, or a female who feels like a male.
Queers are the ones who are not sure about their gender and orientation but feel comfortable in to think themselves in any combination.
Intersexes are those who are born with reproductive anatomy which cannot be typically defined as male or female.
Ally is the term used for people who support equality and fairness for LGBT individuals and their families.
The plus (+) sign is used for many more undiscovered or unrecognized communities like them.

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