What is the Pushpak Vimaan Secret?

Pushpak Vimaan, whose original creator was Lord Brahma, later gave it to Lord Kuber. Then what happened later has a different story to it in the mythology and among so many possibilities. The one that can be believed upon is being shared here. So keep reading and let the secret unfold about the Pushpak Vimaan.

What was Pushpak Vimaan Used For?

According to the Hindu Mythology, Pushpak Vimaan was stolen away by King Ravana while taking Sita along with him. After defeating Kind Ravana, Lord Ram came back to Ayodhya along with Goddess Sita and his army. One more possibility covers that, after getting happy over Lord Ram’s victory over Kind Ravana, Lord Kuber had gifted the Pushpak Vimaan to Lord Ram to fly back Goddess Sita from Lanka to Ayodhya. Now, these are just two possibilities that Hindu mythology covers on the Pushpak Vimaan.

What was the secret then?

Have you ever wonder, how Lord Ram’s entire army could just fly back altogether? The mystery is that each time someone sat on the last seat inside the Vimaan, one additional seat used to come up. And in this manner, the number of seats was never over and so the army of Lord Ram could come inside it irrespective of the size of the Pushpak Vimaan. Lord Kuber’s supremacy was famous all over Hindu mythology but because of this particular reason he became overly loved apart from the reason that he was the Goddess Of Wealth.

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