Why are you LAZY?

Hello everyone, how are you doing today? I know many of you have much work, but you choose laziness over them. You keep scrolling Instagram feeds, and sharing content to your story. We are going to discuss the same in this blog. Everyone feels lazy sometimes in their life, the problem arises when people become so lazy that they don’t even do their required work also.

There are so many quotes and stories that tell us to overcome laziness. They tell us how laziness alone is capable of leading us to destruction. Oh, I love quotes! Let me share some here also.

  1. Laziness is the mother of all evil.
  2. Work hard and become a leader OR be lazy and become a slave.
  3. If you are too lazy to plow, don’t expect a harvest.
  4. Being lazy is disrespectful to the people who believe in you.
  5. Laziness may appear attractive but work gives satisfaction.

There are way more quotes than these five. The fourth one is my favorite. You may have heard or read them somewhere. We all know that we should not be lazy to do work. But then too we often feel lazy and procrastinate the needed work to tomorrow. And then feel guilty for not doing that. Well some of us feel guilty, some just don’t care, they only work when they are told to do so. Isn’t that a little dramatic? Like we all want to lead a happy life and we all know that we need to do work today to have a better tomorrow, then also we lay down and don’t work at all.

Seems like only Bill Gates know the worth of a lazy person. But unfortunately, we need to do a lot of work to meet him too. So there is no escape from work then.

Let’s try to understand laziness and then we will be able to find a better solution for it. For many of us, we are not lazy about everything, I mean once we take a cool picture, we don’t feel lazy to upload that on social media. Or we don’t feel lazy to scroll social media. But there are many things in which we feel lazy, right? Let’s discuss why do we feel that way.

Why are we lazy?

In our mind, there are many complex systems. One of which is the Dopamine System. Dopamine is the hormone responsible for us to feel happy and excited. Whenever we watch or hear something we like, our minds release the dopamine hormones and we become happy. The important thing here is, our brain doesn’t know what is right or wrong for us. There is only one work of our brain, that is to make us happy. The Dopamine System takes care of that. Whenever the mind finds that by doing something we are getting happy. The brain keeps sending us the signal to do that work again and again. That’s how people get addicted.

Up to now, we have understood that our brain only wants to make us happy, and accordingly, it keeps sending signals whether we do something or not. We can put lazy people mainly in three categories:

1. Not Having any Goals

See goals here are not life goals, goals can be as simple as doing yoga in the evening today. You need to take charge of yourself and decide what you need to do. For a long time, you are not doing anything and your brain will send you signals to not work for anything, and get back to your phone. It is true that many of us don’t want what they do in their life. But guess what, you can only find something when you are looking for it.

The first step for people in this category is to get something about which they are passionate. In adding with it, you can choose multiple things also. Many of you will find the answer in your past, try to remember the things for which you have done out of the box, and do something. And if you are not able to remember anything, you can pick anything which you like.

2. Having Impotent Goals

Many a time this happens that we do something because others are doing it, or because it is profitable. Without considering our feelings at the start. What happens after is that we put effort and fail, sometimes even after multiple attempts we fail, and then we stop doing that. Most of us nowadays are facing this issue. We get an idea immediately and start an Instagram page for that, but soon we get bored, start being lazy towards it.

The reason for laziness for these people is that they have chosen something which is influential. Think like this, if you are doing something 100% for yourself, will you get lazy for that? I don’t think so. So if you have also started something and now you are not sure about it. This is a symbol that you are trying and we really appreciate your effort. However, there may be a chance that you will change your current thing to something more interesting to you. And we wish you all the best for that. Keep Experimenting!

3. Fear of Failure

If you fall in this category, this means that you have chosen those things for which you are passionate and are working 100% for yourself. One of the major reasons for laziness is this is not getting the expected response in the expected timeframe.

You need to understand two things majorly, first is that no doubt you have milestones and goals which you want to achieve, but along with that you need to love the process also. The process should be more fulfilling than the result. As once you achieve the result, you will have another target to achieve. You have chosen this thing, not just to achieve goals, but also because you believe in this, and no matter how many ups and downs you face, you will keep growing. And growing is not a destination. To grow you need to love the process.

Secondly, you need to remember that Rome was not built in a day. Keep doing your stuff, keep doing research, keep improving. Be consistent in your work, it is a marathon, not a sprint. You may take more time than you think to achieve the goal, you just need to keep moving.

Remember, to get rid of laziness you need to take charge of your things! That is a little hard at the start, but once you do some work, you will feel rewarded. We wish the best for all of you!

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