Why do we feel bored?

Today was an important day, mostly this never happens to me but hear me out. I got so bored that I called those friends whom I have not spoken to for years. And do you know what, the calls were so boring that I got more bored. There was no coming back, the feeling of boredom is always terrible.

So, I decided not to talk to anyone, and I start scrolling Instagram. After few memes and checking a few friend suggestions, a wave of emotion hit me. I realized that it’s already 5 PM and I have done nothing from the morning. It is not that I am a super active kind of person but still it feels bad in the evening after wasting the whole day.

So I am writing this blog to understand the reasons for feeling this way and what can we do to overcome this. If you also feel the same way, you are in for a treat.

Understanding Boredom

There is one part of our brain technically called Ventral Striatum, loosely known as The Seeking System. This system is the reason for our curious nature. This system urges us to keep moving and gathering information about something new.

Like if you give a kid any toy, he will love it for some time, once he gets used to it, then they want something new. Maybe your car key will interest him more than that toy. This is the basic functionality of the seeking system. This helps the kid to learn about different objects.

In a similar way, adults also crave for something new. This system actually helps us to gather new information, and work accordingly. When we feel disinterested in something which we are doing, it is actually our seeking system craving for something new. If we think this way boredom looks like a signal that our brain needs something new to process. This is awesome. isn’t it?

Common Reasons for Boredom

The various study suggested that there are majorly three reasons to get bored:

  1. You are doing something, in which you are not interested.
  2. Waiting for something, which you know is of less value.
  3. You have nothing to do at all.

For all these reasons, do you see a pattern, it is in all of these situations, your mind needs something to work on. As you don’t have anything to interest you, this feeling takes place.

Is Boredom good for us?

The only work of our brain is to keep us in happy.

A study proves that there are many people around the globe, who don’t like what they do. Instead, they actually repulse. In order to help them, their brains send them the signal that there is something wrong.

This is problematic, after graduating, we are going to spend a large amount of time working. Certainly more than what we spend with our families, friends, or on hobbies. Then if we think that work is something we need to get rid of. Or if we are working only to get paid. The chances are, you will get bored.

The sad thing is when we get bored, we instantly switch to our mobile and either start scrolling Instagram feed or start watching movies, listening to songs. This my friend is not the solution. In boredom, we need to find our reason, so that we can work on it.

How to overcome boredom?

Now that we have understood, why do we get bored and it is not a bad feeling, but help us to understand ourselves. Next time you get bored, try to analyze, what were you doing. What are your thoughts? Make a habit of writing down your emotions. This will help you to understand yourself in a better way.

Always remember, getting bored is very common. It is a normal feeling, but understanding it is necessary. Otherwise, it may become repetitive.

Relax when you are bored, lay down on a place and feel nothing, boredom also help us to increase the creativity. Try to be as still as you can be when you are bored. Don’t run from this feeling, live with it. It will definitely help.


My initial thoughts on boredom were that it is a bad thing, and we need to get rid of this feeling. But while understanding this, these are only brain signals which need me to understand that there is something that needs to be done/fixed.

Boredom is not a bug, it is a feature.

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Thank you for reading this!

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